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Creating a custom page size for PDF creationware drivers:

Note: this page of links was originally intended for all users of PDF creation software. Acrobat in recent versions has a mechanism that works in Windows to define a custom paper size in a slightly less convoluted fashion. The method described here also works for Acrobat and is quite robust. Nevertheless, Acrobat users may find that that the tutorial on creating PDFs with Acrobat is more straightforward.

Rationale: There is a bug in Windows and perhaps in Windows applications. The bug prevents a custom page size that is defined from inside the application (wordprocessor or other program) from carrying through to be the page size of the PDF. The solution is to define a custom page size from the operating system level as shown here.

Once you have defined the custom page size in one of these ways, you should be able to use that custom page/paper size from inside your application to print to file with your PDF creationware's postscript driver.

The mechanism for defining a custom page size is different depending on the version of Windows. Choose the link for your version of Windows:

Windows XP Pro       Windows XP Home       Windows 2000 Pro