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Using GSView/Ghostscript to convert postscript to PDF
This will be essentially the same for all Windows versions:
Open the GSView application and then open the postscript file that you created. 
Converting Win2K step 1

Set your page size:
Select Media==>User Defined, then enter the width and height. Or, if your page size is 8.5x11 inches choose "Letter."
Setting the page size

Entering the dimensions:
Explicitly put the dimensions of width and height in the units of inches (it defaults to something else like points or pixels). The window for setting height is quite similar so I won't show it.
Setting page width

Select File==>Convert
Converting Win2K step 2

Then choose pdfwrite with a resolution of 600. 
Converting to PDF

Now, select "Properties." Choose a compatibility level. Acrobat 5 compatibility is "1.4". That is optimal for printing at
Converting WinK step 4

The PDFSETTINGS menu may require some experimentation. Leaving as "Not defined" works well with many postscript files. "Printer" works better with most files.
Converting WinK Step 5

For Lulu's printer you definitely want to set as "true" the "EmbedAllFonts" setting.
Converting Win2K step 6

Set the "SubsetFonts" setting to "false" to completely embed all fonts.
Converting WinK step 7

Click on "OK" to close the Properties settings and then "OK" again to close the convert menu.
Converting Win2K step 8

Give the program a name for the PDF file that you are making and click "Save." The conversion goes forward.
saving the PDF

One of the nice things about GSView is that all of the settings are saved at the time you make them. If you open the program at a later time and want to convert in the same way with the same settings you need not go through all the settings, you just click on "Convert" and "Save" and you're done.

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